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What Makes A Good Hunting Buddy? Part One

While some go it alone, others enjoy the company of a good friend when hunting. While this can be a great bonding experience, it’s important to know the do’s and don’ts of what makes a great hunting buddy. This way you can make sure everyone has not only a good time, but a safe time! Bullets & Broadheads is here to help shed some light on best practices to help you become a better buddy.

Use Your Common Sense

Common sense isn’t always so common. When hunting with your friend, it’s important to always be level headed and to follow the rules. Create an open dialogue with your buddy where you can both hold each other accountable in a respectful way. What might seem obvious to you, may not be to others. Whether it’s showing someone the proper way to hold their gun, or sharing tips for a more accurate shot, being on the same page with your hunting buddy is essential for a streamline session.

Come Prepared!

Always make sure you and your buddy have an understanding before the hunt, who is supplying what gear. Being a good partner also means contributing your share of any costs that are incurred and always be respectful of other people’s equipment. Both of you should have a good understanding of the area, as well as the type of game you’re eligible to hunt.

Nothing Beats Safety 

The most important rule will always be safety. When choosing to go out with a partner, you’re adding another element to the hunt. While hunting is fun, it’s important you both take your safety and well being seriously. Never play around when someone is holding a weapon, and never shoot unless you are absolutely sure of what the target is. No animal is worth injury or death, and both people need to be properly licensed. If you feel your buddy is doing something that could endanger you or themselves, speak up.

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Knowledge is power. Become a better hunting buddy, and take our course on shooting fundamentals. Here, you can learn the basics of shooting non-restricted, and restricted firearms, as well as shooting procedure and technique. We also offer a variety of fun activities such as axe throwing, and archery! Call us at 877-453-5301 for any questions, and to learn more about our membership packages. Stay tuned for part two on how to be a good hunting buddy, and always remember, safety first!

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