Youth Summer Camp (July 8 – 13 2024)


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Monday – Friday 8am-noon (5 Days)

Saturday – competition against parents 10 am start

Ages 12-18

What they will learn:

  • Firearm Safe Handling
  • Firearm Safe Storage
  • Respecting the Firearm
  • Basic Information about Ballistics
  • Type of Firearm Actions
  • Determine what is a safe target
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Shooting positions

Equipment use during the week:

  • Air Rifle in 1.77 of different makes and models
  • RWS 1.77 Pellets
  • Support bags and tripods
  • Floor shooting mat
  • Various targets and types

***Please bring snacks and drinks for yourself***

Day 1:

In class safe handling and storage

In range introduction to the rifles and prone shooting position

Day 2:

In class safe handling reminders and basic information about ballistics

In range more details about the sight systems and sitting position

Day 3:

In class safe handling reminders and calibers and their uses

In range kneeling position

Day 4:

In class safe handling reminder and type of actions

In range standing position

Day 5:

In class safe handling reminders and getting ready for small match

In range match

Day 6:

Competition against the parents/guardians at 10 am