Shooting Fundamentals


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Shooting Fundamentals

Max 10 people for time slot. $299 without rental, $349 with rental. 4 week run time every Tuesday at 7PM starting February 25th

Week 1:
     – Firearms fundamentals course
     – Range Safety
     – Firearm Disassembly and Knowledge
Week 2:
     – Practical implementation of fundamentals and range safety
     – Firearm familiarity and use
     – Stance and grip correction
     – Coaching
Week 3:
     – Marksmanship coaching
     – Practice
     – Competition
Week 4:
     – Practice
     – Prize Winning Competition

Pricing includes 2 boxes of 9mm ammo per week. Pricing may need to be adjusted
for higher caliber. Fundamentals is intended for women who have or are interested
in purchasing a specific pistol.

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