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Archery League Info

Max 10 people for time slots. $90 without rental $150 with rental. 8 Week run
time every Tuesday starting March 10th.

Youth League:
     – 4-5PM
     – Target League
     – Ages 8-14
     – 10-20 yards (hay bales with paper targets)
Beginner League:
     – 5:30-7pm
     – Target League
     – Ages 14+
     – 20 Yard Targets
Intermediate / Experienced:
     – 7:30-9PM
     – Bowhunter League (Requires own compound bow)
     – Ages 14+
     – Various distances, obstacles, target sizes

Target leagues: Each archer shoots 5 arrows per round – 6 rounds. Using paper
target scoring system. Can be adjustable paper sizing depending on skill sets.

Bowhunter league: Archers use compound bows and shoot paper; 3D, and dart targets.
Each archer shoots five arrows per round for six rounds at the paper or 3D targets.
Bowhunter League depends on the target as well as the scenario. There are adjustable
scoring nights, moving targets and obstacle shooting evenings that can give archers
additional scoring opportunities outside of the normal scoring.

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