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How To Become An Axe Throwing All-Star

Over the past decade, axe throwing has gained popularity by leaps and bounds. The sport was born and bred in Canada, originating in the Toronto area around 2011. Since then, it has rapidly spread across North America, in bars and ranges as far south as Los Angeles. Bullets and Broadheads is proud to offer Grand Prairie’s number one, WATL sanctioned range!

The sport of axe throwing requires a lot of practice and fine-tuning. It’s important to hone your skills and develop your individual throwing style. Our guide below will help teach you the basics, and get you on your way to slinging steel with the best of them!

Choose Your Grip Style

First, you’ve got to choose the grip style that suits you best. There are three common grips to select from:

  • One handed
  • Two handed
  • Canadian Flick

Each style has its own advantages, disadvantages, and level of difficulty. For instance, two-handed throwing generates more power, whereas both one handed and Canadian Flick are geared more toward finesse. 

Choose Your Stance

Stance is equally important as grip style. There are three main stances to choose from:

  • Wide stance
  • Side-by-side
  • Dart
  • Forward step

In a wide stance, your non-dominant foot is forward. Side-by-side, your feet are in a line shoulder width apart. These are both used primarily for two-handed throws.

In a dart-style stance, your body is perpendicular to the target. The forward step involves taking a step with your dominant foot and forms the basis for the Canadian Flick.   

Assess Your Throwing Distance

Once you’ve settled on a style, it’s important to fine tune your throwing distance. You can tell if you’re standing at a proper distance by how the axe hits its target. If the axe lands at an angle with the blade forward, you’ve found the sweet spot! If it lands perpendicular to the target, you’re likely too close. If the hilt is tilted upwards any more than a 45° angle, you’re standing too far away. 

Test Your Axe-Throwing Skills In Grand Prairie!

You can’t make progress by practicing in a vacuum. At some point you’ll want to test yourself! There are bars and throwing ranges located all over Canada and many parts of the United States. 

Bullets and Broadheads in Grand Prairie in Alberta is a fully-sanctioned WATL throwing range featuring three cages and six lanes, affordable prices, and happy hour discounts Monday through Friday.  For more information about the axe throwing range at Bullets and Broadheads, our other courses, and league play, please give us a call at 877-453-5301. 

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