How long are your ranges?

25 yards. (75 feet / 22.9 meters)

Do we need to book an appointment in order to come in and use your facility?

No, all of our services are drop in. However we do book for groups of 8 or more.

Do I need a license (PAL / RPAL) to come in and rent a firearm and shoot in your range?

No. We have Range Safety Officers (RSO’s) on staff that will teach you proper handling, functions, and safety of the firearm you rent.

What are your age restrictions for your ranges?

We have a soft limit of 12 and up. We do allow children under the age of 12, but our RSO’s must be comfortable teaching the person under age. If the child has previous experience with firearms, can take direction well and can competently handle a firearm, we will be happy to take them into the range. Ultimately the final decision is up to the RSO on duty. The same goes with our axe throwing and archery range – if they are strong enough to throw/pull the equipment they are welcome to try. Anyone under 18 years of age MUST be accompanied by a legal guardian.

Can I bring my own firearm?

Yes you can. We love seeing different guns come into the range. You can even bring your own ammo as long as it is not steel core. But you can not shoot your own ammo out of our rental guns. Our rental guns can only use our ammo.

Does the range pass include ammo and rentals?

No. Your range pass only gives you access to the facility, safety equipment, and help from our RSO’s

Can you shoot shotguns in your range?

Yes, but only slugs. Bird/buck shot is prohibited

What kind of bows do you rent?

Left and Right hand recurve bows. If you have your own compound or crossbow you are more than welcome to bring it in. Broadheads on BNB targets are prohibited.

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