Common Archery Terminology: 10 Terms You Should Know About

Archery is arguably the most inclusive sport in the world. Few sporting activities allow enthusiasts to start when they’re tall enough to clutch a bow and keep them shooting till they are 90!

While the most exciting part of archery is the act of shooting the arrow, there are other crucial things to consider. Learning how to converse with other archers and being familiar with the names of the most critical equipment and techniques is important. Here are 10 common archery terms you should know about:

  • Aim: The action of directing an arrow at a target that you wish to hit.
  • Broadhead: This is a sharp arrow point affixed to an arrow.
  • Bullseye: This is the center of a mark or target, which earns you the highest points if you strike it.
  • Crest: This is some sort of marking on an arrow that you use for identification.
  • Crown: This is the nock end of an arrow where it is colored.
  • Nock: This refers to positioning an arrow to a bow.
  • Quiver: This is a grounded device whose purpose is to hold bows and arrows.
  • Kisser: This is a button used for the proper position of the anchor point.
  • Mongolian draw: This is the technique of drawing the bow with your thumb.
  • Snap shooting: This is the act of shooting instinctively without pausing to aim.

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